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How They Work

Using our own office complex and an employees cottage (both badly insulated).
Economy Radiators have measured and published its own test results showing the running costs we experienced.

The consumption test was based on ALL electric, the heating and hot water were left on 24 hours per day and 365 days of the year.

Feature Benefits
Thermostat offering multi-time multi-temperature control Intelligent heating of your home
High quality Aluminium body Comfortable radiated heat
Thermostat accuracy No over or under heating of rooms
Twin heating elements Even distribution of heat
Energy management microchip No wasteful energy consumption
All of which lead to:

Your accurate control of energy consumption & Maximum personal comfort

Twin heating elements
Twin heating elements are moulded into the body (at the top and bottom), providing rapid and even heat distribution across the entire radiator body. Casting the heating element into the aluminium body ensures the radiator heats up faster and uses less energy.

Aluminium body
The use of aluminium allows for comfortable heat to be radiated into the room (rather than convected). Our radiators use injection moulded aluminium.

Accurate thermostat
The thermostat is perhaps the most important component of the radiator. Our electric radiators are fitted with the most accurate thermostat available, which uses microchip technology to optimise the consumption of electricity. This means our radiators consume only the amount of energy required to heat the room to your specified temperature, without wasting a single kilowatt.

Lower quality radiators, which use less accurate thermostats, can over-heat or under-heat the room, providing an unstable heated environment, consuming excess electricity and resulting in higher heating bills.

The key to successful low running costs for any heating system, (whichever fuel it uses), is not to switch the heaters on and off during the day/night. Instead we recommend you drop the room temperature by four degrees when the room is not in use, (for example, overnight), to maintain a background temperature. Then, increase the temperature when you would like the room to be warmer again.

This method of maintaining a minimum temperature, means that the radiator can quickly and easily heat the room to your specified comfort level without having to consume large amounts of energy, resulting in more efficient energy usage (and lower running costs).

Electronic control panel
All of our electric radiators feature a digital control panel which allows you to programme your radiators for complete control on an hourly basis. You choose what temperature to set for each hour of the day, to suit your individual household needs. And of course, you can override the programmed temperature manually, at any time to suit your needs.

Energy consumption is managed intelligently through microchip technology which optimises electricity usage, to ensure the radiator only consumes what it needs. When the room has reached the desired temperature, the radiator will only use a small percentage of its energy capacity; drawing just enough electricity to maintain the comfort temperature.

Our electric radiators are crafted from the highest quality components and materials to deliver minimum energy consumption combined with maximum personal comfort.