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If you are looking for a new heating system, convection heaters may be a choice you are considering. But are they really the right heaters for you? Here we compare convection heaters with our electric radiators.

Convection heaters work by warming air that passes over a heating element. This air then rises, creating a current of warmed air in the room which circulates the heat. Our electric radiators take advantage of heat convection as well, but also radiate heat directly from the face of the radiator. We believe this is the most comfortable way to heat a room as it helps eliminate the cold spots caused by convection heating alone.

Check out our easy-to-read table to help you make the right heating choice for you:

Electric radiators Convection heaters
Temperature controlled heating 24/7
Hours drawing electricity 3.5hrs (avg) Varies
Heating on demand 24/7
Heat leakage when not needed
Yearly maintenance
Space saving
Easy installation
Can be fan assisted
Heat delivery Radiated/convected Convected
Scorching effect
In some cases
Replacing convection heaters
If you already have convector heaters installed you might be looking for a replacement which will give you a better dispersal of heat.

Replacing them with our modern heating system is very easy – just reuse the existing electricity points. Please consult with a qualified electrician before installation, however.

Our electric radiators
All of our radiators’ heating elements are sealed in aluminium. This means we can direct our heat dispersal and ensure that our radiators give our customers the best performance – and all with stylish designs, too.

Our radiators also offer comfort and economy thanks to the accurate thermostat and program.

The Energy Savings Trust recommends that to save energy consumption (and therefore money) your ideal heating system allow you to:

Control the temperature of the room
Reduce the temperature at night or when not occupied
Of course, this level of control is easy using our Economy Radiators.

If you are looking for an efficient source of heating, with low installation costs, no ongoing maintenance and an attractive design, then please view our range.

If you would like help to choose the size of radiator you need for each room, then either complete the online quote request, or call 01845 518888. Our friendly and helpful team, based in Yorkshire, will help you out.